What is Flathunter?

Flathunter helps you find somewhere to live in Berlin, by periodically fetching apartment listings from the major property portals (ImmoScout, ImmoWelt, Ebay Kleinanzeigen and WG Gesucht) and sending the details of apartments that match your criteria to you in a Telegram message.

Why use Flathunter?

Looking for an apartment in Berlin is brutal right now. An appartment listing goes up on one of the many property portals — over 600 apartments are posted every day — and within minutes of a post going up, hundreds of people have applied. The system privileges those who have the time (or the software skills) to constantly check all the listings on every site. Flathunter levels the playing field by notifying anyone with a smartphone as soon as an interesting flat becomes available.

How do I use Flathunter?

Go to the homepage and click 'Login with Telegram'. This will identify you to the system, and grant our Telegram bot permission to send you messages about interesting flats. Enter the details of your ideal flat into the form, and hit 'Set search critera' to restrict the notifications to the flats that meet your critera. If you don't want to receive Telegram messages any more, just hit 'Disable notifications'. That's it!

Who are Flathunters?

Flathunters is a distributed team of coders who have themselves been looking for flats in Germany. Anyone can join, and all the code is open source. If you have a support request, a feature wish, or you want to help out with the development, head over to our Github page.

What happens with my information?

When you hit the 'Login with Telegram' button, we receive your Telegram username, first name, last name and Telegram ID. We store your Telegram ID, and we store your search preferences - we need that to send you messages about flats. Besides that, we don't store any information and we know nothing else about you.